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A child called masoodrezvi

A letter to the Secretary Minority Welfare, U.P.
How Low is the Bottom of Pyramid?
They too are humans
Farmer & debt trap
Coercive recovery
The Reality Shows
Beauty seen
Historic Indian coins
British Residency at Lucknow
Pray for peace
Prime Minister's New 15-Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities
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Miles to go
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فطرتِ  مائہِ تخلیق  ہے  لذّت  طلبی
نہ  دبی  آتشِ اِظہارِ محبّت  نہ  دبی

(Pleasure is the essence of matter of creation; How could I  suppress then my fiery urge to express my passion!)


Child is father of man!

I suppose there are people who grew from a child into a man or a woman. I did not. I am still the child I was. I will always be the child that I am. I never want to grow into anything which is not that child.

I wanted people who have a restless soul like me to know things that I have observed, to see a few sights that caught my eyes..If you too are interested in researching the socio econonmic condition of urban and rural poor in India, of classical artisans, of farmers, of minorities, of women etc you can contact me at my mail ID ! For more details kindly see Miles to go. You can also contact me if you have a photoproject in mind on history, monuments, handicraft, ecosystems  and biodiversity, etc.


“If ‘Fourth Estate’ news organizations become political actors, we need a ‘Fifth Estate,’ another group of writers and thinkers who police the press. Internet news has gained tremendous power and influence in recent years precisely because Americans distrust many television and print press outlets. With lightning speed, the incessant bloggers on the Internet call attention to distortions in the mainstream press. Furthermore, there is a body of original information available on the Internet that does not appear elsewhere. In short, the New Media is becoming the ‘Fifth Estate’.” —Jeffrey Kuhner, editor of Insight on the News


Quoted from TALK CITIZEN - 2007-2008


Reaction of a friend who lives on the other side of this planet

Hi Masood,

I visited your website .. it's a wonderful place that you've built! I was moved by your stories and your plight to help those less fortunate. It is so sad that no matter what country or what city we live, this type of poverty exists. It doesn't seem fair that so many live with so little .. that children have to suffer. You are doing a wonderful thing for these people just by telling their story through your words and your pictures.

You should be very proud for your efforts and I wish you the very best in this endeavor. The people of Lucknow will be a little bit better off because of you.



Another friend writes from Prague


I don't know India. I know Kipling, ............. He forces the reader to see through the eyes of the narrator and see the things that are dirty and ugly. And maybe this is why many people hate him as he doesn't apologize for what he presents, but commands attention.

And this you must do for yourself with words as well as with your pictures and you should never apologize for yourself: your insights or your profession.

Mary C Legg


Am not I a child like thee?
I see in this picture taken by me, a symbolic depiction of my own soul!

Children of another species?

What's New?

June 1, 2008 Tinkering with another site - Literacy initiative for Indian Muslims - aaghaz foundation.

May 6, 2008 The Business of Poverty - How Low is the Bottom of Pyramid

May 1, 2008 India: homeless children in the streets - A video report

April 2, 2008 Are you a connoisseur of Lakhnawi Urdu If you are visit this Urdu Daily News Paper Site from Lucknow. I have very recently made it afresh in Urdu unicode. You will definitely enjoy it.

January 30,2008 A Poetic Memoir to the Construction of Husainabad

January 29,2008 Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind!

January 25,2008 The husainabad Imambargah at Lucknow

January 24,2008 Another City

January 17,2008 Husain the voice of freedom against terror

October 27, 2007 His Excellency the Honourable Governor of Uttar Pradesh, kindly approved my nomination by the State Government as a Member of the State Level Committee for Implementation of Prime Ministers New 15-Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities. I request all members of Minority Communities viz., Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Zorastrians and Neo Budhists in Uttar Pradesh to kindly keep me updated on the implementation of this programme at so that I may effectively discharge my duties as a member of this elite committee

October 15, 2007 The Reality Shows!

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