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A child called masoodrezvi

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فیض تھی راہ سر بہ سر منزل   ۔۔  ہم جہاں پہونچے کامیاب آئے
Faiz, thi raah sar ba sar manzil............
(O Faiz, my path was my destination ... from this end to that end)


Academic: M.Sc. (Ag) Gold Medalist RAU Pusa Samastipur Bihar, Major: Plant Breeding Minor: Plant physiology & biochemistry
Professional: Certificated Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (Part I)
Major Training: Rural Development Project Course from College of Agricultural Banking Pune. and Certified Internal Quality Auditor for ISO 9000 Quality System.
Computer: System Development Skills Course from NIIT - And many other things, FoxPro,  dBase, Oracle, HTML, Java Script bla bla bla..I just love tinkering with computer programs.

1983 -2000 as Agriculture Officer and Manager at New Bank of India and PNB. In October 2007 nominated as Member of State Level Committee for Implementation of the Prime Minister's New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorites by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Working with the editorial team of Urdu Daily News Paper "Roznama Lashkar" published from Lucknow and also Freelancing. 

Family: Married and childless
Hobby: Reading - Well if you can call it a hobby ! That is a thirst unquenchable and Photography.. I shoot just any thing that catches my eyes. Kindly search masoodrezvi on google to see some of my work

October 4, 1960



What a job!


Worked in a big Indian bank first as Agriculture Officer, then as Manager for 17 years. Took voluntary retirement and did computer sale and service business in Lucknow India since 2001. Photography is one of the hobbies since childhood. Recently collecting images on lifestyle, poverty, riches, delight and sorrow of my country men. Beauty and ugliness on the streets. Recently (March 2008) my friend Husain Afsar cajoled me to try converting the gif image based website of Urdu Daily News Paper from Lucknow - Roznama Lashkar to unicode so that it becomes search engine friendly and easy to work with. I succumbed to his persuasions and Lo! the site is in Urdu unicode. If it is good it is because of me, if not blame Husain Afsar Saheb I always told him that I will goof it up but he never listened to me...You want your site goofed up too? Cajole me!


اس  دل  کو  راہِ ہستی میں   جس    جس    نے
  پایا      لوٹ       لیا
اک    تم ہی نہیں، سب نے یہ کیا،  خاروں نے
 گلوں نے لالوں  نے

(Whoever found my heart on the road of life, robbed it – Not only you; all did it, the pricks, the flowers and the lilies!)


کانٹوں  کا بھی  آ خرحق ہے
 کون   چھڑائے    اپنا   دامن

(Pricks do have their own shares too – How from them save my robe I do!)


  1. All photographs on this site have been taken by me and I am the principal copyright holder.  These photographs can be had from masoodrezvi  directly.
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