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Share of Minority Communities in Uttar Pradesh

A letter to the Secretary Minority Welfare, U.P.
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A letter to the Secretary, Minority Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh

S.M. Masood Azhar Rezvi


450/128/41 A/1, Friends Colony, Napier Road Phase 2, Chowk, Lucknow 226003 UP, India.

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         State Level Committee for Implementation of Prime Minister’s New 15 – Point Programme for Welfare of Minorities.

         State Level Committee for Oversight of Implementation of Multi Sectoral Development Plan in Minority Concentration Districts.

Government of Uttar Pradesh Nominee




Respected Dr. Khan Saheb,


Re: Share of Minority Communities in various sectors.


It is a matter of great joy and pleasure that unprecedented growth in performance under multiple socio economic sectors, took place in our State during 2007-2008. This has been elaborated in detail in the book entitled “Uttar Pradesh: One Year of Development and Progress” published by the Information & Public Relations Department of the State Government.


Some of these programs are directly traceable to the ultimate beneficiary and category of district; minority concentration district, or otherwise, like:


1)     Distribution of 34.48 lakh quintals  of hybrid seeds (Ref: Page 63)

2)     Distribution of 71.45 lakh tonnes of fertilizers (Ref: Page 63)

3)     Distribution of crop loans amounting to Rs. 10098.56 crore (Ref: Page 63)

4)     Distribution of 19.59 lakh kisan credit cards (Ref: Page 63)

5)     Land improvement work under Kisan Hit Yojna on 1.74 lakh hectares of land (Ref: Page 63)

6)     Coverage of 15.88 lakh farmers and an area of 20.38 lakh hectares of land under the crop insurance scheme (Ref: Page 64)

7)     As many as 8509 ponds allotted for fish rearing (Ref: Page 64)

8)     20 lakh saplings of fruit trees distributed (Ref: Page 64)

9)     13782 hectares of land treated under the Drought Prone Area Programme (Ref: Page 65)

10) 1.75 lakh quintal seeds distributed under the Ganna Beej Samvardhan Karyakram (Ref: Page 66)

11) Cooperative societies approved short term loan of Rs.2500 crore (Ref: Page 66)

12) Possession of 1502 hectares of agricultural land regularized for 6259 landless agricultural laborers and marginal farmers (Ref: Page 73)

13) 98244 families received housing plots under Zamindari Abolition Act (Ref: Page 74)

14) Regularization of possession of Gram Sabha Land to 7225 persons (Ref: Page 74)

15) Under Ceiling Act 1010 acre additional declared ceiling land allotted to 1404 persons (Ref: Page 74)

16) Under Prime Minister Employment Scheme Rs.626 crore as loan sanctioned to 54,560 persons(Ref: Page 76)

17) 11,997 employments created  under Handloom and textile Industry (Ref: Page 76)

18) Under Chief Minister Village Industries Employment Scheme employment opportunities provided to 37,485 people (Ref: Page 77)

19) Under Village Industries Employment (margin money) Scheme 56,468 persons got employment (Ref: Page 77)

20) Under the Family Benefit Scheme, financial assistance granted to 44,917 poor families (Ref: Page 91)

21) Under Marriage of Daughter and Treatment of Disease Scheme 28995 poor families of general category benefited (Ref: Page 92)

22) Coaching for competitive examinations through established coaching centers given to 3500 poor students of general category (Ref: Page 92)

23) Under the handicapped pension scheme, 5.5 lakh disabled persons were benefited with an expenditure of 190 crore rupees (Ref: Page 93)

24) Under Artificial Limb Subsidy Scheme 6,805 disabled persons benefited involving an expenditure of 1.48 crore rupees (Ref: Page 93)

25) Under Marriage Promotion Scheme 69 disabled persons benefited with an expenditure of Rs.8.67 lakh (Ref: Page 93)

26) Under Shop Construction Scheme1043 disabled persons benefited involving an expenditure of 1.05 crore (Ref: Page 93)


It is expedient in the interest of Social Democracy that the share of Minority Communities and Minority Concentration Districts, be found out in these efforts made by the State Government to achieve its pious mission as expressed by our Honorable Chief Minister in these words   ….. to create a social order based on equality by changing the present inequitable social system wherein the interests of all sections of society (SARVASAMAJ) are safeguarded.” So that inequities and skews which might have crept in, be corrected in time for the coming period of implementation of these schemes, as well as others on a similar pattern.


I have devised forms for the purpose of collection of data, which I am sure you will find useful. I am attaching these herewith for your needful.


May I request you then, to kindly collect this information from the concerned departments and present it in the next meeting of the State Level Committee for Implementation of Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme for Welfare of Minorities and the State Level Committee for the Oversight of Implementation of Multi Sectoral Development Plan in Minority Concentration Districts.


With Regards,


Yours truly,


(S.M. Masood Azhar Rezvi)


Dr. M.A.A. Khan,

Secretary Minority Welfare,

4th Floor, Bapu Bhawan, Hazratganj,

Lucknow 226 001


CC: The Chief Secretary, for kind perusal, Information and needful please.


Encls: as above


Sent to Dr. Khan from Lucknow Chowk HPO by speed post on 5/8/8 vide receipt no. SP EU 927412614IN,  and to the Chief Secretary vide receipt no. SP EU927412605IN

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