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A child called masoodrezvi

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How Low is the Bottom of Pyramid?
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British Residency at Lucknow
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Their home

This is not a refugee camp ! It is peace time. Another fine morning for city dwellers like me and you. A small child and her mother are seen in their neighborhood of houses yes HOUSES built of used cardboard boxes and throw away plastic sheets in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh in India.


The Mother

The mother earns a few paise by collecting rotten garbage from roadsides and selling it to the junk seller.



Carries home fallen dry twigs to use as fuel for cooking a lucky meal, when available.


Eating out........

Lucky families may eat out on road side cart restaurants, in rusted tin dishes and may drink water from used and thrown away plastic jars...



A lucky father

.......may get a rickshaw on hire to pull in scorching summer sun, and to awkwardly lie down and sleep on when exhausted.


Cruel toys..........

Lucky children may have big titanic and dangerous toys to play with like this mortar mixer.

The End .....................

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