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Let us pray for peace and dream for a global true democracy, all netizens please !

I am a member contributing photagraphs at a few microstcok photo agencies.


These are beautiful places as they tend to bring together photogrpahers and artists from all over the world. Some of them also have open discussion forums  for the members to discuss issues mainly related to phoogrpahy but as is expected  we members often digress and start gossiping about other issues too. In fact that is very beautiful and gives us the feeling of  liberty as well as togetherness and team spirit.  Most of the times every one forgets any diffence of race or nationality or political affiliation and we play as plain human children would if left to their instincts in a Utopia like the Eden of Adam and Eve without any serpant to sow the seeds of greed.


We did share our oneness with the people of England, when thames overflew its banks, our hearts wept in unision when a bridge collapsed in America.


On 9/11 one of our American friends left a post: "Let us never forget that today, 6 years ago, over two thousand of my fellow Americans passed from us as a result of 9/11". The response was "God Bless...." from a Hispanic friend, and "Pray for Peace......" from another friend who is an Italian. 


9/11 was an incident which shook the entire humanity and showed how ruthless, humans could become at times in taking away lives of innocent fellow humans. I could not resist and though it was not a place to express socio political views I posted my comments too. I wrote : "Yes Pray for peace... Pray for all innocent people killed in that horrible incident as also in any incident which occured because a few people went bersek and thought they had the right to kill fellow human beings for any damned reason whatsoever...pray for humans getting the understanding that all Homo sapiens are one species one stock ... equals....all having responsibility for the well being of every other human soul... living anywhere.... In fact I believe in and pray for a global family of all humans governed by a global real democracy which is capable of ensuring at least minimum comfort for every human, which should be brought about by completely peaceful means only ... I feel we netizens have a very special role to play in this direction... You may call it a Utopia but let us dream for it... many dreams of humanity have at last become realities in the past

The Italian friend responded "Well said Masood...." and another friend from Halifax added "Yes, very well said indeed!". I wished the American friend who had started the thread had also at least acknowledged.


Well probably there is a setback...the condolence was started for remembering fellow "Americans", but it was hijacked by "Humans"... Oh, I am the culprit who did it!


My friend, in my humble openion, 9/11 was a deplorable thing, but not because "Americans" lost their lives, it was deplorable and dastardly because innocent "Humans" lost their lives. Similarly aggression on Indian soil by British East India Company, displacement of Plaestinians from their home, devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaky, of Afghanistan and Iraq and Bosnia etc were deplorable events not because Indians/Hindus/Muslims, Plaestinains/Muslims, Japanese, Afghans/Muslims, Iraqis/Muslims/Sunnis/Shias, Bosnians/Muslims etc lost their lives. But because "Humans" lost their lives.

Let us understand some basic facts:
  • We, (as also the entire universe or the entire multiplicity of universes if there are many and innumerable and infinite universes) were created through one and the same process by the same Majestic Creative Power call it the Beneficent God, or whatever word is capable of making in your mind the perception of the majesty and beauty and ultimateness of that Creative Power.
  • All humans are descendents of one couple of bipeds, which they say energed from Africa some 80,000 years ago, we by definition are one species and no race is superior or inferior to any other race.
  • The national and racial boundries were created artificially by subsequent generations, who had lost all contacts with their other collaterals. Wosrship of these artificial lines became what we call PATRIOTISM today. I do not see much difference between it and between XENOPHOBIA. This might or might not have been benificial for the Human Race in the past, but today when Earth has become one cyber village, this is definitely detrimental for the entire species, and must be shunned immidiately.


Please understand that Non-Americans are no way sub humans. Similarly Non-Indians can not be any thing but as equal as brothers and sisters for Indians. Christians had no right to use force to make others Christian..they could simply tell  what they think about salvation and leave it for those persons to decide whether they wanted to be Christians or not. Muslims have no right to think that they can use force to preach their version of Islam to any one. Hindus can not claim superiority of Varnas (racial system) and similarly Jews must forget for ever that the Children of Israel are the  race chosen by God to rule the earth.

I plead all netizens (those who dwell in the cyberspace) to work towards the building of global democracy call it United Fraternity of Homo sapiens, if you like...beware it must not be expansion of American political view, or hegemony of European Union, or Arab way of life in name sake,  Islam. It must be a union formed honestly on the three principles listed above.

And beware...this movement is going to be perceived by all big corporates as something which threatens to undermine their markets and profitbility and will thus be opposed by them with full force.


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